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Sales, Marketing, and Distribution
Strategic and Business Development

Whether you are an early-stage company with designs on entering the healthcare marketplace or an established business looking to accelerate growth, we work together with you to achieve new heights. Alesco can help you scale within your target markets, introduce your solutions into new channels and expose your ideal customers to the benefits of your product.

Sales, Marketing, and Distribution

Alesco’s Sales and Distribution Channel consists of a national network of
reputable, and successful Value Added Resellers and Distributors with
decades of experience in sales, implementation, and support of Healthcare
Technology and Services. Together, our reach extends into thousands of
providers, hospitals, and healthcare organizations across the United States.

How does Alesco’s Distribution Channel make business easier for MY Company?

By leveraging an established Distribution Channel, your company is adding more salespeople,
more trainers, more support staff, and new advocates for your products and services at a
fraction of the cost. Save time and money while you grow your market presence and your
bottom line. With the help of our Channel Partners, your company can scale more efficiently,
effectively, and responsibly.

Increase your Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
  • Sell in Volume
  • Grow your Market Penetration
  • Enter New Market Segments
  • Gain Access to a Substantial and Growing Existing Customer Base.
  • Increase your Brand Recognition
  • Sell More Units on a Shorter Sales Cycle by Having your Product Included in “Bundle” Packages
  • Expand your Geographic Reach while Maintaining a Local Presence
  • Participate in Lead Generation Campaigns and Sales Promotions
  • Benefit from Pricing Integrity Checks

Sales growth is exciting, but how can I possibly keep up with the influx of new customers?

Alesco’s Distribution Channel is a Sales AND Services Channel. As your sales grow, so will your support team. Our Channel Partners have highly sought-after skills and many years of experience providing Services and Support to the end users of their products. Take advantage of that experience for:

  • Software Training for Providers, Billers, Office Staff, and more
  • Software Implementation
  • Project and Process Management and Coordination
  • Subject-Matter Expertise for Clinical and Specialty Content
  • IT Services
  • Tiers 1, 2, and 3 Support for Different Solutions
  • Data Migrations and Data Conversions

We can help you get to the next level. To find out more how Alesco can benefit your Company through distribution of your product. Please contact us today!

Strategic and Business Development

Targeted primarily for organizations seeking to enter new markets, change strategic direction, or accelerate the speed to market for new products, Alesco’s team of experts has the know-how, the resources, and the connections to help your company reach beyond its potential. Whether you’re a Start-Up, an established enterprise, or somewhere in between, we can help. Our solutions are customized to you for every stage of your business growth.

Leverage the diverse skill sets of Alesco’s team to help you prepare for and execute every stage of your plan. Our programs are designed for your needs, not the other way around.

Marketing and Public Relations:

  • Market Research and Demographic Analysis
  • Product and Market Feasibility Studies
  • Product Test Marketing
  • Identification of New Market Segments and Alternative Markets
  • Product Pricing
  • Branding and Co-Branding
  • Initial PR Campaigns and Special Events
  • Media Outreach
  • Representation in front of Investors


  • Technical Project Assessment
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Data Exchange
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Conversions and Migrations
  • Interfaces
  • “Gap” Testing


  • Negotiation of Integration with Other Platforms
  • Large Group Sales
  • Readiness for Distribution and Volume Sales
  • “Bundling” into Comprehensive Packages
  • Pitch Decks for Investors
  • Sales Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Assistance with Sales Projections


  • Development of Comprehensive Business Plans
  • Creation of Budgets
  • Facilitating Loan Assistance to get Your Company Started
  • Facilitating Investor and Partner Introductions and Agreements
  • Assistance with Capital Requirements


  • Product Strategy and Roadmap
  • Creation of Specialized Clinical Content
  • Subject-Matter Expertise in Wide Array of Areas Including:
    • Clinical (Specialty and Primary Care)
    • Financial
    • Practice Consulting
    • Information Technology
    • Corporate Insurance (Strategies for Leveraging Insurance Companies)
    • Medical Billing and Coding
    • Legal
Our goal is to help you reach yours. Please contact us today to learn more about how Alesco can help get your product in the hands of your ideal customers.
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