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Value-Added Resellers and Distributors
As a value added reseller (VAR), you might find yourself dealing with some of the similar challenges faced by other organizations in your space, such as:
  • Needing new Sales Leads
  • Discovering customer requirements that do not match your
    current product portfolio or in-house skill sets
  • Finding new products and services that are easy to sell
    and support
  • Needing an advocate that can compel vendors and
    product developers to move
  • Lacking sufficient product support and training
  • Staying ahead of an industry that is rapidly advancing

Alesco is a National Distributor that helps Value-Added Resellers like you meet these challenges by providing you with advanced products and services that will keep you ahead of the curve. Our technical expertise, combined with deep industry knowledge and unique collaborative processes with our accredited partners can help anticipate your market needs. Our partnerships and our products portfolio will assist your organization in maintaining a leadership position in your community and in the industry.

Why Alesco?

Your most valuable asset is your customer. Does your customer likewise consider you a valuable asset?

Our responsibility to you is threefold:
  • To help increase your value to your customers by expanding your product portfolio.
  • To introduce new, consistent revenue streams to your business.
  • To make doing business easier and more efficient for you.

A platform that brings together world class technical solutions and applications that fit your customers' ever-changing needs is hard to come by. Today’s customers expect service that is comprehensive, convenient, and affordable. We understand the increasing expectancy that Customers have for you to be a one-stop shop for both healthcare technology and services. The flexibility of our platform enables the solutions we offer to be utilized and provided individually, as a complete suite, or in conjunction with other third party applications, content and services.

With the ability to offer various third party applications, you can tailor solutions specifically to your customers based on their unique needs and become their most trusted resource. Here are just some of the products and services in Alesco’s product portfolio that you can deliver to your customers:

  • Specialty and Primary Care Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Systems
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Specialty Solutions
  • Business Analytics Tools
  • Data Conversions, Migrations, and Interfaces
  • Cloud Data Hosting
  • Speech Recognition Software
  • Meaningful Use Consulting
  • Patient Portal Technology
  • Systems Integration
  • EDI Solutions
  • Healthcare Social Media tools

If you are interested in finding out more about how your company can benefit by becoming a valued member of the Alesco’s Channel Partner Network, please contact us today.

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