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Alesco Medical is proud to announce our new partnership with Henry Schein Medical, which is the largest medical distributor in the industry. By working with Henry Schein, savings can be significant across all cost sources and spending areas. Once you've seen the results in the form of a healthy and contained bottom line, Henry Schein Medical will present options of reinvesting back into your business via additional revenue generation concepts. Have you heard? Alesco has a whole new look with new services! We

7 Best Ways to Market Your Practice

1. Social Media The growth of social media is out the roof, which leaves you with no excuses to not occupy at least one of them! Focus on only one or two that coincide best with the success of your practice. Make the transition into the media world slow; make sure you create a plan! Find out where your patient community “hangs out” via web services. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., finding authentic ways to interact with potential and current

5 Steps to Set up a Successful Medical Practice

  1. Every business must start with an idea, from that idea derives a plan: business and financial. When you go to the bank to be approved for your loan, they’ll want to know how you plan on making a profit to insure repayment. Within the plan you will need to include pro forma statements that depict realistic provider schedules, industry rate wages, state specified third party fees, benefits, facility equipment, supplies and furnishing costs. With this data, accurate projections of revenue
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