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Alesco understands physicians and the challenges they face throughout their medical careers. From negotiating your first employment contract to setting up a new medical practice, we can help you with the business side of medicine.

HIPAA Compliance Should be Top of Mind for All Sized Practices

By Todd Greenberg, Member,  GSG Compliance LLC EHR and IT networking companies both play a critical role assisting medical practices and hospitals in achieving Meaningful Use. However, HIPAA Security of your patients’ health records is NOT their responsibility –it is the practice’s (the Covered Entity or CE). In creating Electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI), CE’s must take precautions to secure and protect each and every health record. Whether CE’s are attesting for Meaningful Use or not, they will need to confirm

Last Minute Tax Savers for Medical Professionals

Leaving taxes to the last minute is a time-honored American tradition. But by following these simple tips, medical professionals may be able to cut their tax bill. For starters, take a look at retirement accounts. If you’re a staff Physician, IRS rules allow you to put away $17,500 in a 401(k) account for 2013. (If you're over age 50, you can increase that amount to $22,500 if your plan has “catch-up” provision.) You can also put away money in your IRA. The

Alesco Medical to Become Channel Distributor for e-MDs Solution Series EHR


Alesco Medical to Become Channel Distributor for e-MDs Solution Series EHR Alesco Medical to expand access to e-MDs Solution Series EHR and Practice Management software through its national sales and distribution channel

 Solution enables physician practices to improve care, comply with meaningful use requirements and improve financial, operational and billing efficiencies

 SAN DIEGO – March 14, 2013— Alesco Medical, a healthcare technology  and consulting firm that provides both business and technology services to providers and  health information technology
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